Satao's Keeper

Elephant Loss of life

Since 1979 African elephants have lost over 50% of their population range.  Significant population has dropped due to massive amounts of poaching and gaming for trophies. Weak law enforcement and government corruption has only made Poaching and gaming worse. 

In  the early 20th century 3-5 million African elephants existed, and now only an estimated 400,000 African elephants still exist in the wild today. Tens of thousands of African elephants are killed every year for their Ivory, china being the biggest consumer. Ivory is much like a diamond to the Chinese, it is shown status symbol.  100 African elephants are killed each day, at this rate they will be extinct within 15-20 years.   

Don't forget about the Asian elephant... they are dropping in significant numbers as well.  

Lets be super heroes, spread awareness and prevent extinction. put on a cape today!